Sunday, January 30, 2011

I wanted verification on Manson's letter

After I received the ten page letter from Manson, I wanted to find out which Sinatra he was referring to in his letter. He said Nancy Sinatra had been to one of his parties. I didn't know if it was Frank's wife or daughter. So, I located Tina Sinatra in order to get things straightened out. I read her parts of Manson's letter and this was her response.

TINA: This man wrote you this letter?

Dakota: This is one of his letters, I've gotten several letters.

T: Why does this man correspond to you?

D: I wrote to him two years ago, just to get a story for the newspaper. And now that he has been denied a parole, he's coming out and telling everything he's been into.

T: How would you like to meet with me tomorrow, in person, and bring that letter?

D: Sure.

T: Fine. Where would you like me to meet?

D: The Ambassador hotel. Is that too far away?

T: It's very far for me.

D: Because that's by where I'm.

T: Is that where you live?

D: Yeh, right by the Ambassador. Yeh.

T: You're for real Bill? Your're not fucking around. Cause I don't like it.

D: No, I'm for real.

T: Alright. I would like you to meet me at my attorney's office tomorrow in Beverly Hills. It's Milton A.
Rudin, R-U-D-I-N. It's on the fifth floor at 9601 Wilshire Boulevard. That is the corner of Wilshire and Camden. Do you know where that is?

D: Oh, I'll find it.

T: It's not in any way to intimidate you. It's just that I'm....I'm only concerned because I don''s all bullshit. I mean what can I tell you? I'm not going to try to defend....I just don't like the idea that this man mentions my mother and indicates that either my sister or myself, "whether it's real or not," I don't like that mentioning of my mother's name. I don't know the people involved, although I do know that they're in the city. They are older than I am, and they're my sister's...some are of her school mates and some aren't. I know that it's all wrong and I want my attorney to know all about it. And I want those "who can do something about it," to know about it. And I would appreciate your help in doing so. I'd also like you, in front of me, to tell me how the hell you people get our phone numbers? I don't understand that. And please don't tell me you called before, because I would have called you before now, because I never heard your name. I would have returned your call.

D: I have two numbers for you, 274-7333...

T: That's my office number. My ex-office number. How do you get them?

D: Well, a gossip columnist, you know, Joyce Haber, Rona Barett, Rex Reed...

T: I know Rona gets them, but you all get them?

D: Yeh-h--h. It's your job, when you're a reporter you do these things.

T: Huh. Alright. You tell me what's convenient for you and I'll be there. I'm going to have you meet with Bob Finkelstein rather than disturb Mickey Rudin, because he's a busy man. Bob Finkelstein is a nice man, and I want him to see you and see this letter and to make my mind at ease.....put me at ease.

The following day I met with Tina, her boyfriend and Bob Finkelstein. I was told that I could leave a copy of the Manson letter with them if I so desired. I told then I couldn't do that as I had promised the British rights to Boulevard Magazine and the National Enquirer had been in touch with me for the American rights. Then, much to my surprise, I was told that if I called Tina's home, again, or if I called their office, they would call the police. I was shocked. I hadn't broken any laws. I should have said, "Call them right now." But, I wasn't thinking.

I used part of Tina's and Manson's voices from the phone calls in radio commercials for the Hollywood Star. Frank's attorneys phoned the stations and threatened to sue if they didn't stop running them. They stopped them and refunded some of the money I had paid for the ads.


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